So You Want To Know More?

You know my name is Bert and I am both an inventor and a clinical psychologist / psychoanalyst. You know you can call me “Bert”, “Bertie” or the “Big Bopper”  and that I am a kid originally from Bayonne, NJ and “Thank God” to this day I am still very dyslexic and very funny. I am now fourteen years old, but my driver’s license lies and says different!


You know my name is Michaela C. Burke, and that you can call me “Mickey.”  You know that I am Bert’s adorable perfect wife and I am ageless! And, if you remember, Bert does everything I say, until he wants to do something else, which unfortunately is very often. I was born in Brooklyn, NY, but since my father was a USO Director, we moved all over and I was fortunate to meet: Kirk Douglas, John Glenn, Shirley MacLaine (taught her how to do the twist), Bob Hope, Yul Brynner, Frank Sinatra, to name some. You young folks” probably don’t even know who they are. Later I was fortunate to personally meet Ronald Reagan, George and Barbara Bush, Newt Gingrich,  Jimmy Carter, and others.

OK – Here’s How We Look at Life

Magic happens as a way of life –  if you let it!

Just roll your mouse over any photo and Mickey’s spontaneous thoughts will appear below the image.

  • Mickey sending kisses
  • Greeting our guests at one of our Japanese dinner parties.
  • A magical moment.
  • Bert . . . thousands of years ago.
Some say that I’m silly. No. No me!
Egyptian Pharaohs know everything.


When you get a great fortune cookie - that's magic.
This was truly Magic!


You can't believe everything you hear! But you can test it out.

Serious meeting where Mickey is trying to get Bert’s attention...Good Luck!

In our professional work, we endeavor to set an example for our clients on how to “creatively grow and laugh” as an everyday life experience. Research shows that those who continue to “grow and laugh” are more likely to reach their financial goals, as well as live a longer and happier life.

Our art collection is one way we continue to grow and laugh. We both have been avid art collectors our entire lives. Our paintings, sculptures, etc., stimulate us to be more creative and productive on a daily basis.

Our love for art is a way for us to tell you who we are without using a million words. Sometimes, as you look through this website, you will be able to mouse-over an image to get a glimpse of our inner-most thoughts.

Our Art is one way we capture a piece of the magic. Throughout the website, we have included selected photos of our personal art collection. Art stimulates our creativity and productivity, but that’s what every addict says.

Below are some samples from Our Gallery – without comments. Let us know your favorite.

If you would like to know about our inventions,click here. It’s amazing what two simple people, with a little bit of magic, can accomplish.