My name is Bert Burke, Ph.D., and I am both a self-taught inventor and a clinical psychologist / psychoanalyst. “Thank God” to this day I am still very dyslexic.

Why is dyslexia good for an inventor and / or a therapist? People with dyslexia experience and process visual stimuli at an alarming rate; therefore, they often become confused, as they communicate with others on time, day or topic issues. Effectively, often what happens is that the confusion leads to special insights that are eureka in nature and are the cornerstone of innovations that lead to paradigm shifting patents.

Please see my resume below.


My name is Michaela C. Burke. I was born in Brooklyn, NY, but since my father was a USO Director, we moved all over.

As being part of the USO, our family moved every several years, which taught me to adjust to new surroundings and to meet many special people. My Dad became known as “Mr. USO”, as he initiated many new exciting programs for GIs. One of which was the “GI Pal Dinner” that hosted many celebrities, where I was fortunate to meet: Kirk Douglas, John Glenn, Shirley MacLaine (taught her how to do the twist), Bob Hope, Yul Brynner, Frank Sinatra, to name a few.

Later as a worker for a National Political Party, I was fortunate to personally meet Ronald Reagan, George and Barbara Bush, Newt Gingrich,  Jimmy Carter, etc.

Please see my resume below.

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Our Resumes

Bert Burke, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist / Psychoanalyst & Inventor

For over 40 years, Bert has been a Licensed NJ Psychologist / Psychoanalyst in Private Practice and a Life Coach. His office is in Lecanto, FL.

  • Trained and practiced Psychoanalysis & Short Term Therapy
  • Trained and practiced Hypnosis, Biofeedback & Behavior Modification
  • Specialized in Adolescent & Adult Therapy and Culture Change for Corporations
  • Highly experienced in treating Professionals, Executives & Owners
  • Corporate Consultant for Banks, Wall Street Firms, Insurance Companies, etc.
  • Pioneer in developing “Employee Assistance Programs”
  • Consultant to Advertising and Promotion firms
  • Forensic Psychologist & Expert Witness – product liability, insanity pleadings, etc.
  • Innovative Sports Psychologist – for Athletes, Teams & Coaches.
  • Speaker on Multiple Psychological Issues
  • Instructor of Psychology at Seton Hall University
  • Starting in 1992, using his training as a psychologist, he invented a series of patented products / services for consumers, merchants, banks, highways & bridges, etc.

Inventor, Entrepreneur & President of Multiple Companies

For the past 25 years, Bert has been an inventor and holder of 17 patents. He has invented the following:

  • Closed and Open Gift Cards – sold by merchants & banks worldwide (over one billion consumers)
  • Rounding of Checking Accounts, i.e. Bank of America, Wells Fargo, etc. (over 50 MM enrolled consumers)
  • RoundMeUp at POS for savings & spending   See video at
  • Eliminating Escheatment for Gift Cards
  • Patented solutions to stop leaking of bridge joints on highway bridges
  • Invented “Move Over Slow Drivers” that eliminates Slow Traffic in Fast Car Lanes
  • Consultant to Inventors for Startups / Owners / Corporations
  • Speaker & Seminar leader on creativity and inventing
  • Litigated Burke patents vs. VISA, MasterCard, American Express, BOA, First Data, etc.

Education & Training

  • BA Seton Hall University in Psychology and Philosophy, South Orange, NJ
  • MS Yeshiva University in Clinical Psychology, NYC
  • Ph.D. Walden University in Psychology, Baltimore, MD
  • Psychoanalytic Training at Washington Square Institute, NYC
  • Personal Analysis with Dr. Malcolm Marks (3 sessions per week for 3 years)
  • Didactic Training under Dr. Gertrude and Rubin Blanck (3 years of course work)

Early Work Experience

Bert was born into a family that worked smart every day and enjoy both working and creating.

His parents formal education was only to the 8th grade and yet they grew up to own and operated five bars and restaurants.

Bert, worked in every capacity in the family businesses as a bus boy, dishwasher, porter, waiter and bartender.

In undergraduate school, he paid for his room and board by working five days a week in the college kitchen.

Bert’s summer jobs were all different.  He drove a truck to NYC for Callahan Trucking; worked in the Bethlehem Steel Ship Yards in Hoboken, NJ, as machinist helper; and worked on the production line in General Motors plant in Linden, NJ, assembling Buicks, Oldsmobiles and Pontiacs.  In graduate school, he had the “best job in the world” at the Budweiser Brewery plant in Newark, NJ — when beer breaks were allowed and encouraged.

Future Goals

Every day, Bert wishes to show his exciting and loving bride “Mickey”, plus his three children and six grandchildren that he loves them and he is there for them 24 /7!

One of his many professional goals is to file a U.S. Patent on his 100th birthday!


A List of Burke Inventions

Mickey’s Personal Resume: Including Training, Education and Work Experience

  • Teacher of English Conversation on NHK TV in Tokyo, Japan – 3 independent broadcasts a week shown at multiple times
  • Appeared in Japanese movies, commercials, ad copy, etc.
  • Consultant to Japanese National Railways plus other Japanese companies – Tokyo, Japan
  • Consultant to Japanese National Tourist Association – NYC
  • Selection & Placement Supervisor at American Smelting & Refining – NYC
  • Owner & Operator of the Irish Centre, retail stores in NJ & MD, carrying a full range of imported merchandise from Ireland.
  • Consultant to Budget Travel – Dublin, Ireland
  • Owner & Operator of Dublin Towne, retail stores in CA, carrying imported merchandise from Ireland, Scotland, Wales & England
  • Entrepreneur & Partner in Multiple Companies 1992 – present
  • Coordinator of 12 U.S. Patents, 2 Foreign Patents, 3 U.S. Pending Patents and 1 PCT Pending Patent


Kean University – BA in Education
Sophia University – Studies in Japanese History
New York University – Business Courses
Monmouth University – Additional Education Courses

Future Goals

Professionally, I want to continue working with Bert on world changing patents.

Personally, I just want to continue loving and watching our six exceptional (Spoken like a real grandmother) grandchildren grow and love all aspects of life. They are truly Bert’s and my joy!

Now that you’ve reviewed our resumes, would you like to know a little bit about our inventions? It’s amazing what two people, with a little bit of magic, can accomplish.

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