Move Over Slow Drivers


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(MOSD) System is an automotive invention that identifies, monitors and records slow drivers when they block faster drivers in the same highway lane.


Every state has rules, requiring slow drivers to move over to right and not impede faster vehicle traffic. Despite the laws, many slow drivers refuse to more over and then problems begin.

In reaction to being blocked by slow drivers, faster drivers often resort to tailgating or “in and out” lane switching to get past the slow drivers. Unfortunately, either one of these ill-advised remedies can result in road rage, highway accidents, injuries or deaths.

An angry driverGOAL OF MOSD

It is the mission and goal of MOSD to provide all drivers with the opportunity to do more than just complain, yell, tailgate, or express road rage, regarding the problem of slow drivers blocking fast lanes.

It is the purpose of MOSD to provide the needed technology and systems to solve the above stated problem in new and existing vehicles.
The management of MOSD believes that we have created and patented an effective invention to identify and monitor potential violating drivers and to educate the slow drivers themselves.

Once MOSD technology records a slow driver being passed on its right side, the data will be available to Highway and Transportation Authorities, Municipal Courts, Police Departments, Insurance Companies, etc. The third parties will use the information, as they wish. For example, the Courts may issue warnings or summons, Insurance Companies may use the information to reduce or increase their rates, Highway and Transportation Authorities may use the information for setting speed limits, etc.

Once a significant number of everyday drivers implement MOSD technology, the problem of slow drivers blocking faster lanes will be greatly reduced. Lives will be saved, crashes will be lessened and highways will become more efficient.

There are two ways for drivers to take positive action against slow blocking drivers. We believe that once the Smart Phone Processing System is popular, it will lead the way to the Vehicle Processing System.

1. Smart Phone Processing System operating via smart phone technology and an App. The smart phone is held in a dashboard holder with or without a fisheye.

2. Vehicle Processing System operating in the vehicle, which is installed at the time of manufacturing by an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or by Retrofit in an auto repair shop, car dealership, etc.

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