MOSD Technology

To take positive action against slow blocking drivers, volunteer drivers will either have:

A. Vehicle Processing System (VP) System operating in the vehicle, which is installed at the time of manufacturing by an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or by Retrofit in an auto repair shop, car dealership, etc.

B. Smart Phone Processing (SP)  System operating via smart phone technology and an App. The smart phone is held in a dashboard holder with or without a fisheye lens.

Violation Processing

When a vehicle has a MOSD unit, the vehicle’s owner is qualified to register themselves as a MOSD Clearinghouse Member.
Registered Member Drivers at any time can turn on their MOSD technology to identify and monitor slow drivers when they are blocking faster traffic in the same lane.

  1. When a slow driver blocks a faster vehicle in the same lane, the video camera will capture the rear license plate number of the violating vehicle. (The action will be activated by a voice command, a tap, etc.)
  2. The unit will then determine the GPS coordinates of where the violation occurred, along with the time and date plus the speed of the monitoring driver.
  3. The faster monitoring vehicle will go to the right lane to pass the slow vehicle on its right side. As the faster vehicle passes the slower vehicle on its right, the video camera will verify that the slower vehicle was passed on its right side. In the VP System a sensor(s) will verify that the slower vehicle was passed on its right side.
  4. After the faster monitoring vehicle passes the slower vehicle, it will move over to the fast lane. In the VP System some vehicles may have a rear facing camera to capture the facial recognition of the driver of the passed vehicle.
  5. The camera will turn itself off in a specified timeframe.
  6. The MOSD technology will compile the data collected and automatically forward the data to the MOSD Clearinghouse.
  7. The Clearinghouse will evaluate the data report to see if there is a possible violation. (An example of a non-violation would be if when the MOSD driver goes to the right lane to pass the slower driver in front, only to see that the slower car is being blocked by a car(s) in front of it.)
  8. The data will be available to licensed third parties.