MOSD Revenue Sources

Here is a list of the potential parties that will license and pay fees to MOSD:

  1. Millions of worldwide caring and responsive drivers.
  2. OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers) will install MOSD in new vehicles.
  3. New Vehicle Dealerships will install MOSD technology.
  4. Auto Repair Shops, Tire Shops, etc. will retrofit MOSD technology.
  5. “Retrofit Kit for Self-Installers”
  6. Fees for smart phone app and dashboard holder
  7. Navigational Companies, i.e. GM OnStar, Hum, Garmin, Safety Vision, etc.
  8. Highway and Transportation Authorities, Municipal Courts, Police Departments, Insurance Companies, etc. will pay MOSD fees for data on the violators driving behavior.
  9. MOSD Drivers (as an option) will pay membership fees to send “Clearinghouse” Reports on their own driving to insurance companies, etc. They will also receive reports and general statistics on the results of slow drivers when they block fast lanes.