"BIC" provides consulting services for our clients in the regard to creativity, inventing and consulting. In addition, we are inventors who license third parties or create spinoffs and commercialize our own inventions.


We are dedicated to creating, patenting and monetizing our own great inventions!

We also provide consulting services to individuals and companies on inventing, patenting and monetizing their inventions!

Burke Inventing Process

  1. Finds and solves major problems for the world and earns patents for our efforts.
  2. After completing the patent phase, we construct profitable business strategies for our inventions and license or operate our own inventions.
  3. Provide consulting services for inventors, companies and entrepreneurs on, “How to dream up major inventions and to successfully earn excellent patents.” Once patents are achieved, we show how to license or enter into partnerships with the big powerful players.

Burke Biggest Hits

  1. Invented, patented and operated the Closed Gift Cards sold by retail merchants.
  2. Invented and patented the Open Bank Gift Card sold by VISA, MasterCard, American Express, etc.
  3. Invented and patented the Bank Rounding Up Program for retail customers’ checking accounts with the extra funds going into savings accounts at the sponsoring banks.Outstanding examples of this program are “Keep the Change”, being offered to millions of Bank of America customers and “Way2Save” being offered to millions of Wells Fargo customers.Both banks now boast that over 90% of all new checking account customers have added rounding up services.

Our Next Big Hit

  • Move Over Slow Drivers. Click on MOSD in the Header to see the excitement of MOSD and its 3 patents. MOSD will reduce tailgating, road rage, accidents and deaths. Driving will become fun again, as highways become more efficient and safer.